2U Rackmount Cases

Supermicro Rackmount 2U With 560-WATT Power Supply With Pfc CSE-825TQ-563UB

Rackmount 2U With 560WATT Power Supply


Model: CSE-825TQ-563UB
UPS: 672042068999
Package Quantity: 1

Rackmount 2U is a fantastic mod to enhance your electronic computer performance. I feel you will like that the item comes with 3x full-height, full-length i/o and 3x low-profile expansion slots. Other features include things like 8x 3. 5" hot-swap sas/sata hd bays. It's 17.2"H x 25.5"L x 3.5"W. It weighs around 50 lbs. Rackmount 2u with 560-watt power supply.


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