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RM-2231 15. 25 In Short Micro Atx 2U Rackmount Case, Fits Two 5. 25 Bays

RM2231 15 25 In Short Micro Atx 2U


MPN: RM-2231
UPS: 662712229386

Electronics addicts highly suggest the RM-2231 15. 25 In Short Micro Atx 2U. Are you considering buying a server case and you are simply looking for the best value for this? Or you would like to know the thoughts of some other clients before you buy a server case? In that case then you are at the right place. Shopping for the RM-2231 15. 25, click the link below.

RM-2231 15. 25 Bays 25 in Short Micro ATX 2U Rackmount Case, fits two 5.


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