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Acserva ARSA-1NG700 2U Rackmount By Vision Man

Acserva ARSA-1NG700 2U Rackmount By Man5 Star Rating
Acserva ARSA1NG700 2U Rackmount By Man
Purchasing The Acserva ARSA-1NG700

Acserva ARSA-1NG700 2U Rackmount By Man - a great item by Visionman is an excellent way for you to improve your electronic computer performance. A list of features include two 250gb sata-ii hard drives, full 64-bit support and 2gb dual-channel, ddr2-800 memory. The product number for this case is ARSA-1NG700. It has got a weight of 70 lbs. Purchasing the Acserva ARSA1NG700 2U Rackmount By Man.

Is the Acserva ARSA-1NG700 2U Rackmount By Man available? acserva rackmount vision specifications server chassis

MSRP Price: $624.99
Savings Price: $823.61
Brand: VisionMan
UPC: 812612012193

Specifications: # 2U Server Chassis w/ Locking Door # 585 Watt Power Supply # DVD-ROM # Sony 3. 44MB Floppy (Black) -Capacity: 1. 25"Bays - 585W Power Supply - 3. 25"Bays - 3 Internal 3. 5"5"H x 19"W x 21. 25"Bays - 1 External 3. 5"Floppy Drive # Operating Method Sold Separately This Bundle Includes: Acserva 585Watt Server Chassis -Locking Front Door - 6 Drive Bays - Optimized Cooling - 2 External 5. 44MB -Form Factor: 3. 1D"AMD64 X2 4200+ CPU - Socket: AM2 - Cache: 512KB - Frequency: 2. 2Ghz 2GB High-Speed DDR2-800 Memory - Memory Size: 2GB (2 x 1GB) - Memory Speed: DDR2-800 - Max RAM: 4GB - Dual Channel Dual 250GB SATA-II Hard Drives - Capacity (GB) : 250GB - Interface: SATA-II -Cache: 8MB -Speed: 7200rpm 16X DVDROM Drive - Type: Internal - Speed: 16x Sony 1.

  • Two 250GB SATA-II Hard Drives
  • 2GB Dual-Channel, DDR2-800 Memory
  • AMD64 X2 4200+ CPU
  • Full 64-bit Support
  • RAID 1 - Full Data Security
  • Count: 1
  • Product Weight: 70 lbs.

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